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(1) EV 257nd Vocal Mic, like new.








(2) DOD 275 Active DI Boxes (battery or phantom powered), includes 3ft jumper cables with ¼” TS connectors (i.e. to run from DI to amplifier).  See

(was $40ea)







Mic Cables: Most are Horizon or Peavey, have Neutrik or Switchcraft connectors, all w/velcro cable wraps. Well cared for (i.e. not walked on, rolled & stored properly)




(5) Mic Cables – 50ft




(9) Mic Cables – 30ft




(6) Mic Cables – 20ft




(2) Mic Cables -- 10ft








(4) 3ft XLR-XLR cables w/Neutrik ‘right angle’ connectors on ‘male’ end, standard Neutrik connectors on ‘female’ end








¼” TS (mono/guitar) patch cables.  I’ve thrown out all the lower quality stuff, and what’s left are all Audio-Technica SuperCable or equivalent.  All have rubber jacket covers on each connector.  I have:  (8) 3ft, (10) 10ft, (2) 20ft, and (1) 30ft.

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(1) Hosa 4ch “converted” insert snake: 10ft long, 4-Canare ¼” TRS stereo connectors at one end, 8-Neutrik ¼” TS mono Send/Receive connectors at the other.  (This was 'converted' from a standard 8ch-to-8ch Hosa snake by combining the 8 mono connectors into 4 stereo connectors on 1 end. Please note that the Canare and Neutrik connectors are *much* better than the standard molded connectors that normally come on the Hosa snakes)








4-Conductor Speaker Cables: 12/4 4-conductor cables, Neutrik twist-lock connectors. (2) 50ft main cables, (2) 10ft jumper cables








12/4 High quality speaker cable, 4 conductor, w/Neutrik SpeakerOn twist-lock connectors on each end, (1) 50ft, (2) 10ft, (1) 5ft








Complete 24x8 150ft Snake System,  Includes: (1) Horizon “Concert” 24x8 150ft Snake, all-XLR metal (not nylon!) connectors;  (1) Custom 20ft 6ch “drive” sub-snake; (1) matching 150ft AC 12/3 power cable w/metal quad-box; (1) 24 x 24 x 14 Trunk Case w/ball bearing caster plate.








(8) loose PAR56 black cans w/300watt DYS bulbs. These are the last of 32 cans, and are pretty beat up…. But they still work just fine (one needs the lamp replaced - $25 max cost)

$175 all 8







(2) Ultimate Light Trees w/2ft Extensions.  See








(2) ETA & (1) SignalFlex 15-amp AC rack power strips w/pull-out lights








Hybrid “Light Duty” 10-Space Laminate Rack w/casters, recessed lid latches.








Generic 12-Space Carpeted Rack (poor quality, but works)








Generic 8-Space Carpeted Rack, plywood latching covers.








(1) Rhino 9-space amp rack (yes, it really is *9* spaces). Surface-mounted handles and lid latches, lids latch together when not in use. 4 casters (2 swivel, 2 fixed).  Both lids are padded on inside, and each have (2) velcro retaining straps for holding things in place.








(1) Cable Trunk; 37”W x 23”D x 13”H, w/HD ball bearing caster plate, metal reinforced center partition, recessed handles & latches.  See








Humes & Berg ‘Enduro’ HD tall case. Originally designed for drum hardware, but is also excellent for mic stands. Approx 12 x 15 x 48, virtually undestructable space-aged plastic material, w/3 nylon web straps and HD caster plate.








Peavey 210 Ext Cabinet; brand new Blue Marvel speakers, metal grill speaker covers. Excellent as an extension cabinet for guitar, or also for the high end of a bi-amp’d bass rig.








(12) 18-inch lanyards w/swivel clip








(4) High voltage AC cable, 8/4 40amp (designed for use with RV/Motorhome electrical hookup). 25ft lengths, w/"dryer" plug on 1 end.

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(1) High voltage AC cable, 6 AWG 4/C SOW-A, has (4) 41-50 Cam-Loc connectors on 1 end (Red, Green, White, Black).

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Alesis ‘Point Seven’ studio monitor speakers.  Each Point Seven monitor features a 5.25" low frequency driver and 1" silk dome tweeter and weighs in at only 11 pounds. Gold-plated 5-way binding posts are standard. These small, shielded monitors can play loud when you need it, provide pinpoint imaging, and work well with computer systems/monitors.







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