Darrel Young
Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

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In 1973, I moved from my home in Stanford KY to Indianapolis, to join my brother Larry in a band called The Nashville Sounds. We worked six nights a week at the newly opened Nashville Country Club. It was there that I met and became best friends with a kid from Noblesville named Steve Wariner. In 1977 a country artist named Narvel Felts was booked at the club (at the time, Narvel had several hits on the country music charts including the #1 song of the year for 1975 "Reconsider Me"), and by coincidence he was in the market for a bass player and singer. Well guess what.....I took the job almost before it was offered to me, and spent the next two years with him touring the United States, Cananda, Mexico, and Europe.

By 1979 I had grown tired of traveling, so I moved back to Indy and started a band called The Last Stage West. We played several clubs in the Indianapolis area and were very succesful. But by 1983 it was getting harder and harder to make a living playing music, and I was getting really tired of the music business anyway, so I moved back to Kentucky and started a different career working in the state prison. (And if you're wondering....I was an officer, not an inmate!) In 1989 I came back up the well travelled I-65, and began working for the Marion County Sheriffs Department, where I am currently employed.

In April of 1998, a former Last Stage West member (Mark Holler) and another musician friend (Larry Ratliff) approached Larry and myself, and talked us right into reviving the Last Stage West for one more ride. We are currently performing around town, strictly for the fun of it, and having the best time we've ever had playing music.

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