Larry Young
Electric Guitar
I grew up in Stanford Kentucky, but moved to Indianapolis in 1968 to begin my professional guitar playing career. I worked with many bands, and played in lots of clubs in town. My first job was with Lee Kyle at the Idle Hour on west 10th street. In 1969 I was fortunate enough to be offered a job with the then-famous Billie Jo Spears show. I accepted the job, and toured the country doing what I thought was the very best job a person could have.... playing guitar and actually getting paid to do it! That lasted until 1971, when I moved back to Indy and began a six night a week gig at the best club in town for country music (The Nashville Country Club). I stayed in Indy until 1978, when I joined my brother Darrel and started touring with the Narvel Felts Show. But like Darrel, I too got tired of traveling, so in 1979 I also came back to Indianapolis, and Darrel and I formed the Last Stage West band.

That lasted until 1983, when we decided to disband The Last Stage West and go our separate ways. I continued with music, working with several bands around town, and in 1989 I began a new career in the plumbing business, and am currently employed by R&R Plumbing. In May of 1998, Myself, Darrel, Mark, & Rat created The New Old Last Stage West (later adding Dave and Bill), and are currently performing around town.... and I might add, having a ball playing the kind of music we always wanted to play (real country music!)

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