Bill Newt
Sound & Lighting
Bill has been a long-time friend and supporter of the Last Stage West since the very beginning. He followed the band, no matter where they happened to be appearing. He has always been interested in music, and has sang with many bands in the Indianapolis area, as well as providing sound and light services.

When the Last Stage West was getting ready to make their first public appearance at Oliver's Restaurant & Pub on the south side of Indy, Bill asked if we would like to have a spotlight to enhance our existing stage lighting. We jumped at the chance, but we had no idea that Bill owned all his own lighting gear, stage effects, and even his own scaffold platform to elevate the spotlight above the heads of the audience! We were impressed, and immediately added him to the payroll as our unofficial spotlight operator.

Later, when our previous drummer FatRat had recovered from his stroke enough to resume playing drums for us, we asked Bill to assume the entire job of operating the sound and light system for us. He was anxious to accept the offer, and we were equally anxious to make him an official part of our operation! And once he provides us with a "real" biography, we'll replace this one.

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