We have high quality MP3 versions of the songs available for downloading and listening offline. These require that you have an MP3 audio player installed on your system. If you don't have an MP3 player, click here to download a copy of the free WinAMP MP3 player.

These recordings were made in a 2-car garage, by a complete amateur, using an old Fostex A-8LR open reel tape recorder, and mixed down through a Layla digital computer interface. We've still got a LOT to learn about making recordings, but we think they sound pretty darned good!

Click on the button to download the full length version in high-quality MP3 format.

(if simply clicking on the download button doesn't work for you, you might need to right-click on the button, and then select the "Save Target As" option, which will let you save the file to your hard drive and then load it into your MP3 player from there)

Song Title: MP3 Audio File:
Mansion On The Hill (*) download (3.93Mb)
San Antonio Rose (*) download (3.38Mb)
Heart Over Mind download (3.17Mb)
Send Me Down To Tuscon download (3.94Mb)
There Stands The Glass download (2.65Mb)
I Won't Mention It Again download (3.43Mb)
A Different Kind Of Flower (*) download (2.85Mb)
All That Love Will Allow download (2.87Mb)
April's Fool download (2.55Mb)
The Other Woman download (3.25Mb)
Old Porch Swing download (3.38Mb)
City Lights download (2.67Mb)
Farewell Party download (3.45Mb)
Workin' Man Blues download (3.85Mb)
One Too Many Memories download (2.93Mb)
(*) w/special guest Bret Raper on Fiddle!

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